On this page you can meet all the friendly people who work at our school. The pictures below were drawn by some of our talented pupils.

Mrs Sehmbi

Mrs Adams

Mrs Lucy Williams

Mrs Macdonald

Mr Thompson

Miss Meads

Mr Brown

Mrs Francis

Mrs Martin

Mrs Perry

Miss Pylypiak-Clancy

Mrs Ghent

Mrs Potter

Miss Parkes

Miss Starrs

Mrs Ahmed

Mrs Cook

Mrs Davies

Mrs Dhoot

Mrs Maynard-Keene

Mrs N Patel

Miss P Patel

Mr Price

Mrs Shergill

Mrs Laura Williams

Miss Wood

Mrs Burns

Mrs J Smith

Mr Cooksey

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs S Sehmbi Headteacher
Mrs Z Adams Deputy Headteacher, SENCO
Mrs Lucy Williams Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R Macdonald Early Years Foundation Stage Leader
Mr D Thompson Key Stage 2 Strategic Manager (Y4-6), Class Teacher
Miss J Meads Nursery Teacher
Mr A Brown Class Teacher
Mrs K Francis Class Teacher
Mrs S Martin Class Teacher
Mrs S Perry Class Teacher
Miss A Pylypiak-Clancy Class Teacher
Mrs J Ghent Class Teacher
Mrs H Potter Class Teacher
Miss C Parkes Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss J Starrs Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Ahmed Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Cook Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Davies Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Dhoot Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Maynard-Keene Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Patel Teaching Assistant
Miss P Patel Teaching Assistant
Mr M Price Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Shergill Teaching Assistant
Mrs Laura Williams Teaching Assistant
Miss D Wood Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Burns School Business Manager
Mrs J Smith School Secretary
Mr K Cooksey Site Manager
Mrs A Kaur Cleaner
Mrs I Kaur Cleaner
Mrs I Kaur Cleaner
Mrs K Kaur Cleaner